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Paint & Painting Supplies:

Staff has arranged an economical alternative with General Paint Company. Under this agreement Members can purchase all their paint supplies which would include brushes, rollers and other supplies as well as General Paint and the economical line of paint from Boomerang.

Boomerang is a high quality, low cost, line of recycled paint for as little as $14.99 per ‘gallon’. The Boomerang brand, which is manufactured in Montreal, offers reclaimed products made from unused portions of recovered domestic paint and stain. This line of paint and stains offers hounest value, excellent quality, low prices, and they are environmentally friendly!   Although limited in colours due to the process, (there are sixteen colors for latex, four for alkyd and six for stains) this paint is easy to apply, gives excellent coverage and its colour remains very constant between batches.

This arrangement also allows members to to purchase smaller amounts (even one gallon) than the usual $300 general allotment.

That is, under the previous arrangement each member was able to obtain a Dulux Voucher paint voucher of $300 to paint whole unit paint only which can be issued every 5 years.  Now you have two options!

Option 1:
You may obtain a paint voucher, as before, for $300 to pait whole unit once every 5 years

Option 2:
You are now able to paint in small amounts with a Co-op voucher that verifies that that you are indeed a memebr of Mariposa and you pay for it yourself but get a discount price!

Contact the office for mor information and to obtain a Pait Voucher.

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